What Will I Learn in Pastry Chef School?

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What are two of the more popular courses for a pastry chef?

What Will I Learn in Pastry Chef School?

There are many things you can learn while attending pastry chef school. Two of the more popular courses for a pastry chef are baking and pastry arts & culinary arts.
Baking and pastry arts courses will teach you the art and science of baking. The course also allows you to use a variety of tools and equipment to prepare cookies, centerpieces, desserts, candies, quick breads, yeast breads and more.
A culinary arts course through pastry chef school will put you on track towards obtaining a degree in culinary arts. This degree program focuses on the principles of food service production, food service sanitation, nutrition, stock and sauces, American regional cuisine, dining room management, storeroom operations, meat cutting, international and French cuisine and more.



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