Bread Baking Secrets

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Do you have any secrets for bread baking?

Bread Baking Secrets

Do you enjoy bread baking? Following are a few bread baking secrets that you can apply the next time you decide to do some more bread baking in your kitchen.

1. Dough will be ready for baking if you lightly press on the top of the dough, with the tips of two fingers (about ½ inch), and the indention from your two fingers stays. If the indention does not stay then your dough needs to rise longer.
2. For a darker, browner crust, bake your bread in a glass pan.
3. If your bread baking recipe calls for eggs, butter or other moist ingredients, the dough usually stays sticky.
4. During bread baking, to prevent the bread from sticking to the pan, lightly scatter a little cornmeal on the sides and bottom of your bread baking pan, but first, make sure to oil your pan as usual.



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