Job Placement Through New York Culinary School

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What may be offered to me through job or career placement from a New York culinary school?

Job Placement Through New York Culinary School

Many New York culinary schools offer job placement, also called "career planning." This means that the New York culinary school will remember you after graduation.

Job or career placement through a New York culinary school may offer to place your profile and resume on their Web site -- this allows for employers to contact you for interviews. Some New York culinary schools offer you access to their database of jobs, and some may even send you job openings via e-mail or snail mail. Finally, some may even offer on-campus recruiting. On-campus recruiting is where you get the opportunity to visit many booths where companies are set up, and while visiting the booths you get fact-to-face interviews with potential employers.

When you're shopping for a New York culinary school, make sure the school offers a job placement, or career placement program. Check the school's Web site, or call the school to find out. You'll want to invest your money in a New York culinary school that won't forget about you after graduation.



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