Wine Tasting at Wine Schools

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What is wine tasting?

Wine Tasting at Wine Schools

Imagine you are at wine school. One of the classes you may learn about is wine tasting. What is wine tasting? How can a wine school teach you how to taste?
Most of us need guidance on basic wine descriptions, identifying our likes and dislikes, and recognizing the different characteristics when discussing wines from various regions. The art of how to taste wine and pair it with foods is really a great way to enhance any meal.

Your taste buds on your tongue only taste four things, bitterness, sweet, sour and salty flavors. It is the smell of food that actually brings out a lot of the "flavors" for us. Our sense of smell offers up over 200 recognizable scents. The right combinations of smells and flavors are really what we want from our food. The same food could be sweet but if it smells like salty we may proclaim it is a salty food. With wine school, you are taught how to really taste your wine and your food in combination.



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