Wine and Pizza?

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What wine is best for a pepperoni pizza?

Wine and Pizza?

Did you know that at wine school, you are taught how to distinguish the right wine for any meal, including pizza? That is the magic of wine and food pairing. While most people do not think of wine and pizza together, it is really a great combination. Wine may go with any type of food available. It really distinguishes the flavors and makes the meal more enjoyable.

So is it red wine or white wine? At wine school, you'll learn that simply choosing a red wine or white wine is not going far enough when trying to decipher wine and food pairings like wine and pizza. You'll be able to decipher the acids in each wine, how sweet or bitter the wine is. Wouldn't a dry wine work better with a pizza with lighter toppings? Try an experiment with different wines and different pizzas. You may surprise yourself with your own wine and food pairing choices.



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