Pare Spicy Food With The Right Wine

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What wine is best with spicy food?

Pare Spicy Food With The Right Wine

It's a good idea to match spicy food like a curry with a strong full-bodied wine. Wine shouldn't overpower the food but it should be strong enough for it. A good paring is red Cabernet Merlot with any of your spicy dishes like a Thai coconut chicken curry or a Moroccan lamb dish.



10/27/2007 7:17:06 PM
Kevin said:

If you must serve a red wine like Cabernet/Merlot with spicy thai food, make sure it's cooler than room temp. The warm wine will not compliment or refresh the mouth. It would be better to pick a Riesling or Voignier with a little chilled sweetness. Some Pinot's may also work.


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