A Trip to the Bakery

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Why should I bother going to the bakery?

A Trip to the Bakery

There is always a reason to visit the local bakery. Maybe a birthday is coming up, a holiday is just around the corner, or this is the day Mr. Fluffers is being neutered. You don't even need a reason to buy out an entire bakery.

The next time you're at the bakery, give thanks to the pastry chef. Because that person is the pastry chef means that you don't have to be. This person sacrificed a lot to attend pastry chef school so that you could show up at the counter every other day, eyes bulging, pockets full of change, to buy all the puff pastry off the shelf. The pastry chef is as important to the neighbourhood as the lawyer and the psychiatrist. Maybe there'd be less crime and mental health issues if people just gave in to the wonders of puff pastry. Okay, that's an exaggeration. Just be thankful there's a pastry chef in your neighbourhood.

Low on change? If you visit the local bakery at the end of the day, right before closing time, you may find lots of goodies have gone half price. If certain things haven't sold by closing time, the owner may end up throwing it out. Pastry should be fresh and after a day or two, it can't be sold anyway. If that happens, you might be able to scoop up a few extras for free. After all, they were only going to go in the garbage anyway.



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