How to Annoy the Pastry Chef

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How can I avoid annoying the pastry chef?

How to Annoy the Pastry Chef

Just because you took a course last summer on chocolate dessert baking doesn't make you a pastry chef. Yes, you learned some great things, have been baking up a storm ever since, yada yada yada. The pastry chef down the street doesn't want to hear all about it. In fact, if you bug the pastry chef too much, he or she just might close up shop and move away. Then what will people do to get their puff pastry? On the other hand, if you're determined to completely annoy the pastry chef, here's how you do it:

  • Show up everyday minutes before they turn the Open sign to Closed.
  • Show up everyday, pick a specific pastry, and ask the chef to tell you what he put in the recipe.
  • Make suggestions for that recipe.
  • Tell the pastry chef you used his last batch of squares as paperweights.
  • Tell the pastry chef you used his last batch of squares as pumice stones.
  • Type up some of your own dessert recipes and leave them for the pastry chef to try.
  • Buy as many things as you can, go home, then return to the bakery and tell the pastry chef you bought too much and want to return a few things.
You see, it's very easy to annoy the local pastry chef. Just remember, when the pastry chef packs up shop and leaves town, you're not going to be the most popular person on the block.



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