Born to be Italian

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Can I become an Italian?

Born to be Italian

Oh, the Italian and their infectious ways! Everybody wants to be Italian, know an Italian, or own an Italian restaurant. Cosmetic surgery can do a lot these days, but it can't change your ethnicity. Instead of cursing your mother for not marrying into an Italian family, do the next best thing: take Italian cooking classes!

You don't have to quit your day job to become a night time Italian chef. All it takes are a couple of amateur cooking classes to get you started. Learn how to bake Italian bread, Italian pasta, or Italian dessert recipes. Just being able to recreate the food of the Italian culture will leave you pining for a country you were never born in.

Once you've mastered some main Italian dishes, invite your friends and family over for an Italian-themed supper party. They'll be thrilled that you can a) cook, and b) found a place to indulge your Italian persona.

Now, don't make a complete fool of yourself. Just because you can cook a few Italian dishes doesn't mean you should walk the streets like a stereotypical mobster. That's just wrong. Taking a few Italian cooking classes shouldn't change who you are, just how you cook.



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