Living With the Italians

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What's the best way to learn about Italian cuisine and culture?

Living With the Italians

You don't have to be Italian to want a career working with Italian foods. However, if someone were to stop you on the street and give you a pop quiz on Italian cuisine, would you be able to think of anything besides Chef Boyardee? If not, you've got a big learning curve ahead of you.

Enrolling in a top culinary school is your first step. Before you fork over the first semester's tuition, find out more about the curriculum. The course load should be well rounded, including some class time, lecture time, practical work, and a stint working in Italy . That's right… Italy . Think about it; how can you really cook for a culture you know nothing about. By working and living in Italy , you'll get a better sense of what it means to be Italian. At the time, it might seem like more play than work, and it probably is. However, don't underestimate the knowledge and experience you're going to end up bringing back to your home town. Where do you plan on opening your first Italian restaurant? Wherever it is, your patrons will really get the flavor of Italy when they walk through you door. Why? Because you've been there.



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