All Italian Breakfast Restaurants

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What kind of unique Italian restaurant ideas are there?

All Italian Breakfast Restaurants

When you hear “Italian food” you tend to think of main courses. Supper time meals come to mind. Heavy meals come to mind. But what about Italian breakfasts? If you're a recent chef school graduate looking for a unique niche, why not consider something a little different like opening an Italian breakfast restaurant? There are all various chains and franchises that sell “breakfast all day”, but they're all very traditional. Bacon and eggs; cereal and fruit bowls; pancakes and waffles can all be found on the menu. Why not things like Italian sausage with eggs and toast? As a fresh graduate, you probably have a million ideas for breakfast-only Italian cuisine.

The trick to a successful Italian restaurant, is offering something unique and different. People eat doughnuts for breakfast, so why can't they order Italian dessert recipes for breakfast? Imagine owning a restaurant bursting with Italian personality beginning first thing in the morning. With that much energy at breakfast time, you may not need to serve coffee!

Of course, that's just one idea for a unique Italian restaurant theme. There's nothing wrong with opening a standard high-end Italian restaurant. But if you're looking for something off-the-beaten path, think about trying something like an Italian breakfast restaurant.



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