French Cooking the Acadian Way

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What are some examples of French Acadian cuisine?

French Cooking the Acadian Way

Who doesn't love French cooking? When most people think of French cooking, they tend to think of the Parisian French menu. As soon as you even think “Parisian” images of smoke-filled cafes, late night meals, and tall glasses of wine come to mind. You think elegance and culture; sultry and seductive.

Now, think about Acadian French cuisine. Different images come to mind? For the French Acadians living in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and parts of the United States, French cooking has more to do with comfort food. Traditional French Acadian menus go back to the harsh days of winter spent without adequate shelter, etc. They worked hard with little to eat in those days and, as a result, ended up cooking a lot of food with whatever they had on hand. Flour, water, sugar, spices, fruit, and basic vegetables like carrots and potatoes were often used. Today, French Acadian families still incorporate traditional menus into their lives. One meal, called Rappie Pie, isn't really “pie” at all. Basically, it's made from finely grated potatoes, chicken meat, chicken stock, onions, salt, and pepper. A little water is added to the mixture and the entire thing is poured into large, square, pans. As the mixture bakes in the oven, a crisp crust develops over the top (it's the best part!). The cooked mixture is cut in blocks and served with butter or molasses drizzled over the top.

So you see, French cooking isn't always Parisian style. If you're interested in learning more about different types of French cuisine, do an Internet search for French Acadian recipes and enjoy!



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