French Cooking at the French Culinary Institute

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What do students learn at the French Culinary Institute?

French Cooking at the French Culinary Institute

Besides the opportunity to learn from the masters of cuisine, attending the French Culinary Institute New York is a lesson in life, culture, diversity, and the arts. Students who attend the French Culinary Institute (FCI) benefit from a variety of lecturers from professional chefs, sommeliers, pastry chefs, etc. Plus, instead of sitting around in a classroom all day, all the time, students are immersed as soon as possible into the actual art of cooking.

From the first lesson in the curriculum, students get to delve into the tools and techniques of cooking. It's these basics (creating their own stocks, soups, pates, etc.) that will help them through the remaining lessons, lectures, and practical work. The real challenge comes when it's time to work together as a team. Students of the French Culinary Institute soon discover that the college is no reality show. It's got nothing to do with one-upping anybody else, and everything to do with working effectively as a team.

The necessity of working together as a team may very well be why the Institute encourages students to join college inspired clubs. They're encouraged to spend time together, outside of class, exploring New York City and all it has to offer. The bond that these students create strengthens their ability to work together in the kitchen.



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