Tips for Choosing A Virtual Cooking Class

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Tips for Choosing A Virtual Cooking Class

When hunting for a virtual cooking class you have to be cautious and research e-classes thoroughly. Below are some recommended tips you can use when you're searching for a virtual cooking class.
1. Confirm the site's ownership. One way to do this is to visit the "about" page. Another way to confirm the site's ownership is to visit the WHOIS database, type in the domain name of the site, and make sure the information there matches the information on the site's "about" page.
2. If the site gives a phone number, call the number to make sure it is a professional business.
3. Visit culinary message boards and newsgroups to ask others if they have any information on the virtual cooking class (be sure you have the name of the Web site).
4. Research the person giving the virtual cooking class to find out if he/she is who they say they are.
5. E-mail the owner of the Web site and ask him/her what cooking experience they have. Also find out if he/she holds any culinary degrees or certificates.

While virtual cooking classes and online courses are helpful and time efficient, check the cooking class schedules with your local cooking school. There is no substitute for hands-on experience.



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