Choosing the Right Culinary Careers

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What are some job duties as a pastry chef?

Choosing the Right Culinary Careers

As you embark on your career in the culinary or baking field, it's important to research all the culinary careers that are available to you, and what each job entails.
If you aspire to be an executive chef, you will be responsible for managing the whole food preparation as well as manage the cooking for the restaurant.
Maybe slicing and dicing is your thing? If you're more focused on the preparation, ingredients, daily cut and grinding of meat, poultry and seafood, focus on a career in food preparation. This career choice places you under the supervision of cooks and chefs. Perhaps you'd like to be your own boss. Private catering or personal chef jobs are available. Being a personal cook, or a personal chef, requires you to prepare meals for your client based your client's needs. This included studies in nutrition and dietary food restrictions. If your client is diabetic, has high cholesterol or an allergy, your personal food preparation must focus on the dietary restrictions of your client, but also adhere to the proper nutritional guidelines.
Do you enjoy cooking desserts and making bread? Or maybe you would like to open your own bakery. A pastry chef prepares desserts and breads. Some pastry chefs own their own bakery, while others work in local bakeries, hotels and restaurants.
Thinking of something a little less traditional? How about a food taster? Someone has to taste the marvelous creations for the chef's – why not you? You'll focus on scents, smells and pairings of a variety of foods.
Don't rule out careers in restaurant management, event planning, food styling and even becoming an instructor for aspiring chefs and bakers.
These are only a select few of the many culinary careers available for you to choose from. Choose the culinary career that you feel appeals to your taste.



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