Types of Pastry Chef Jobs

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What types of pastry chef jobs do I have to choose from?

Types of Pastry Chef Jobs

There are various types of pastry chef jobs available to you, and some of them are as follows:

1. Local bakery shops and restaurants hire pastry chefs.
2. If you're professionally trained, check with companies that produce commercial baked goods.
3. Many culinary schools seek out pastry chefs to teach classes.
4. How would you like to create and test new products before they hit the restaurants? Then check with the corporate offices of regional and national restaurant chains.
5. Become a self-employed cake decorator and make cakes for special occasions. When advertising your services, be sure to mention that you are an experienced pastry chef.
6. Not sure about taking on the head-pastry chef role? A pastry assistant will allow you to assist a pastry chef, and this will give you hands-on experience to see if you want to take your career further.



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