Culinary Careers: Becoming a Chef

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Culinary Careers: Becoming a Chef

Becoming a chef requires a lot of hard work and long hours. If you think you can handle the responsibilities of a chef's job then here are a few tips to aid you in your culinary career choice.
1. Attend a cooking school before becoming a chef. This will give you a flavor for what's ahead.
2. Start with a job in a large pastry shop where they make their own pastries. This will give you an idea of what appeals to you the most, and you will gain knowledge of how things work on a large scale production bases.
3. After working in a large pastry shop for a while, move to a small restaurant and discover how that kind of operation works.
4. Stay up to date on the latest cooking trends.
5. If you want to become head chef you need to gain knowledge on management skills, food cost control, financial skills and computer skills.



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