Continuing Ed Classes -- Are They for You?

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I am looking at culinary schools, but I don't know what career choices are available, do you have any recommendations?

Continuing Ed Classes -- Are They for You?

If you don't mind long hours, if you love cooking, and if you're ready to move on to bigger and better things, then you should be ready to continue your education in the food industry.

There are a variety of culinary schools that can help you continue your culinary education. But, before you begin your search for culinary schools you need to decide what career choice is for you. To give you some ideas, others before you continued their education and became executive chefs, pastry chefs, restaurant managers, personal chefs, master chefs, bakers and culinary instructors.

Some of those "others before you" include the famous French pastry chef, Pierre Hermé, from France. Finally, another famous pastry chef is, Chef Jacques Torres. Chef Jacques Torres oversees the classic pastry arts program at New York's French Culinary Institute.



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