Why is Kitchen Management so Important?

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Why is Kitchen Management so Important?

Some of the cooking classes you'll take teach about kitchen management and why it is so important. It is something that is not thought of to a lot of people, including new chefs. The chef's job is to cook, what else could there be to the job?

Imagine for a moment pots of soup boiling over. There are pans that are completely dirty and ten new orders showed up. Customers are complaining about overcooked meat. You are trying to find the knife you lost an hour ago while the head chef is yelling at you to hurry up.

In kitchen management classes, you would find out about how to avoid the problems often caused by poorly run kitchens. A good kitchen is run coolly even when intense. You always know where your tools are; your station is always clean and would be acceptable to the highest of standards. Kitchen management is most important to learn!



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