Actively Engaged in the Art of Amateur Cooking

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How can I honor my passion for baking?

Actively Engaged in the Art of Amateur Cooking

Your work might be enjoyable, but is it your passion? A life filled with appointments, meetings, conference calls, power yoga, and meditation, isn't necessarily a balance life. Sometimes there's something missing. A little soul-searching might reveal that simmering passion you've smothered with other commitments over the years.

Defining what makes you “tick” is easy. For example, if you're into cooking and baking, you might notice that time seems to fly by when you're engaged in that activity. You're content when you're doing what you love; nothing else seems to crowd your mind with worries.

If cooking and/or baking is your thing, honor that part of yourself by taking amateur cooking classes. Whether your interests lie in baking breads or creating delicate desserts, there's a course out there for you. Amateur cooking classes are a perfect introduction into the world of culinary arts and a great way to test the waters without too much time or financial commitment.

Not sure where to get started? Do an online search for culinary classes, have a look around your local area, or ask around to find a suitable program. Ask for course descriptions and use them to fine tune your decision. Just remember, if you settle on one particular cooking class and don't like it, it probably just means you haven't found your culinary niche, so keep trying! Some people have a passion for pastry making, while others prefer to create main course meals. The trick is to discover what you love to do, and then go for it.



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