Working Toward a Whole New Career in the Culinary Arts

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Where do I go if I want to continue my education at night, but continue to work through the day?

Working Toward a Whole New Career in the Culinary Arts

There was a time when returning to school as an adult meant you didn't do it right the first time. Now, there's great honor and privilege to returning to school. As an adult, you approach learning in a whole different way. You know what you want and what you need to get it.

For working professionals ready to make a career change, the French Culinary Institute is the answer. A sound understanding of what it takes emotionally, financially, and personally to branch into an entirely new career is what makes The French Culinary Institute of New York City so unique. As a student of the school, you're granted the confidentiality to take courses at your discretion, and the freedom to take classes when they're most convenient for you. For many full-time professionals, that usually means taking classes in the evenings. Students making that effort to switch career gears get all the cooking class theory, but also get a lot of hands-on, real world practice, by putting their skills to work in the Institute's own restaurant, L'Ecole.

While L'Ecole is everything an upscale restaurant should be, it takes the unique angle of using the skills and talents of students fresh from the classroom. L'Ecole is where the students really hone their skills. Anybody looking for a serious career change, and who has a serious interest in culinary classes, should consider The French Culinary Institute. Without taking the risk of dropping a full-time job, students can continue to work while fitting in this specialized training.



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