The Common Denominator of Culinary Students

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What types of people can I expect to meet in culinary school?

The Common Denominator of Culinary Students

Being an adult learner in a college or university environment is an empowering experience. Students come together from a wide range of cultural backgrounds and, on the outside, might appear to have little in common. However, for students attending top culinary schools, nothing could be further from the truth.

Top culinary schools do attract an international population of students with one strong denominator: the passion to succeed as a chef. Sure, their focuses might be different. One may want to work with breads while another may want to focus solely on French cuisine. What matters is the passion and drive behind their culinary desires. It's this common denominator that brings students together.

Top culinary schools do more than provide the credentials to advance careers; they build the foundation of confidence and hone each student's unique skills. By focusing on schools with a low student to faculty ratio, students can reap the biggest benefits of teacher mentoring and feedback. Twelve or fewer students to one class are ideal, especially for a culinary school. Becoming the best you can be requires a lot of hands on training and individualized attention from instructors.

Before choosing the culinary college you want to attend, have a look around, visit the campus, and ask what the student-teacher ratio is. Is the campus in the middle of nowhere, or is it in the hub of a culinary Mecca like New York City? These should all play a role in your culinary college choice.



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