CSI - The Bread Baking Crime Scene

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Is the art of bread baking really becoming extinct?

CSI - The Bread Baking Crime Scene

CSI has a team on a massive manhunt for the best zucchini bread recipe around. Apparently that recipe was handed down to an undisclosed recipient, at which time the recipe was severely butchered and left to dry out in a dank closet somewhere. If you know anything about badly botched zucchini bread recipes, contact CSI (otherwise known as the Culinary School Investigation team) to register for courses. Your involvement in part-time studies, or amateur cooking classes, might just go a long way in avoiding the unnecessary slaughter of innocent zucchini bread recipes.

Okay, okay…there really is no Culinary School Investigation team. There are, however, culinary schools ready to take registrations for amateur baking classes. If the plight of zucchini bread recipes isn't your biggest concern, you could always sign up for other bread baking specialties like pastries, breakfast breads, Parisian breads, Italian breads, and more!

Bread baking is becoming an extinct art form in many kitchens across North America, but you can help. Dig out your wallet, register for a bread baking course, and let the world know that you're not going to allow bread baking to settle quietly into the history books.



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