Craving Those Nutritious Carbs

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Won't eating bread make me gain weight?

Craving Those Nutritious Carbs

For a while, practically everyone on the planet was on a low-carb, or no-carb, diet kick. While pastry chefs cringed in disgust, the world set out to slowly starve themselves by depriving their busy bodies of important carbohydrates. While the pendulum has swung back a bit, there are still those out there who tout low-carbing it as the way to go.

In reality, every diet book out there should be taken from the shelves and replaced with a new one that focuses only on eating certain foods in moderation. The fact that you eat bread doesn't determine your weight; the amount of bread you consume does. What's a glorious plate of pasta without freshly baked garlic bread, or a hearty sandwich made from homemade rye bread? If you've shunned the wholesome carbs of freshly baked bread, it might be time to rethink the plan.

By taking amateur bread baking courses, you can learn to do it yourself, add your own nutritious “extras” and avoid the highly processed, bleached bread from market shelves. When you're baking your own breads, you get to be your own nutritionist. The more comfortable you get with baking breads, the more you'll be able to experiment with ingredients. That means you know exactly what's going into your own food. There's no reason not to enjoy the flavor and nutrition of home-baked bread!



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