Bake Bread to Feel Better

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Why is baking bread from scratch so much better than baking bread with a bread machine?

Bake Bread to Feel Better

Remember when you asked for a bread machine for Christmas, your birthday, or Mother's Day? You couldn't wait to get it and you had all kinds of ideas. Oh, there was going to be a whole lot of bread baking in your house. And for a while…there was! After a while, the novelty wore off, and now that bread maker doubles as a planter. The main reason for the disinterest has a lot to do with the dissatisfaction of using a bread maker. Sure, it's easy, but there's no art to it. A chef's motto (amateur or professional) should be, “If you can't beat it, don't bake it.”

Bread baking is a cathartic experience. Where else can you punch something in your kitchen and not get arrested? You could punch your bread machine, but that would just hurt. Not only is bread baking cathartic, it's also a great stress reliever. You know those squeezy balls you can buy for the office? They're soft and pliable and feel so good when you squish them in the palm of your hand. Bread baking does the exact same thing, only better, and you get the benefit of that heavenly aroma. You can't eat a squishy ball. You can eat your own homemade bread. Convinced yet? The next time your hands ache to strangle something, get out the bread dough and ply-till-you-die.



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