A Culinary Flair for the Dramatic

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Do I have to act like a cooking show chef to gain popularity in the business?

A Culinary Flair for the Dramatic

You don't have to be a loud, gregarious, over-the-top personality to be an excellent chef. The people you see on those reality cooking shows are on those shows for a reason. If you prefer to go about your culinary business in a more demure way, don't feel as if you're lacking in some basic skill. You're not! It takes a great deal of concentration, intelligence, creative artistry, and energy, to oversee a busy kitchen. Working a kitchen is a lot like being a restaurant general manager; you end up overseeing so much more than quick cooking techniques. There are mixed personality types to contend with, cultured and sophisticated clients with a discerning eye and palate, and your reputation to maintain in the process. To someone serious about culinary careers, there's no time for flamboyance. The only thing you have time for is food quality, presentation, and professionalism.

Would you rather be remembered and respected for your unique culinary creations, or your proclivity for throwing pasta at the heads of apprentice chefs? By putting all of your dramatic flair and personality into your culinary creations, you'll create enough buzz to fuel your popularity for a long time to come.



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