A Culinary Career in New York City

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Does it really make a difference whether I take cooking classes in NYC or not?

A Culinary Career in New York City

There a lot of good reasons to take cooking classes in NYC, but the top two include having access to top culinary schools like The French Culinary Institute, and the huge availability of jobs in the industry. These two reasons are reason enought to tackle the Big Apple, IF you have the will power to make it happen.

New York City is the hub of fashion, culture, and creativity. The streets are peppered with every kind of restaurant, bakery, deli, and pastry shop imaginable. If you want it, you can find it in New York City . As a new chef in NYC , don't be surprised to find yourself working as a prep cook or line cook. If you're a student doing a voluntary internship, it's important to remember the reason you're doing it in the first place. You want to build a reputation so that eventually you can build on your chef cook career.

Just saying you live in New York City holds a certain amount of prestige. It mean that you've got some serious skill and backbone to back you up. Imagine telling your friends and family you live and work in New York City . Of course, you can take cooking classes anywhere, then try to elbow your way into the Big Apple. It's not unrealistic, however, to expect that students of New York culinary schools will get first dibs on the best chef jobs. Having lived in the city and hobnobbed with executive chefs, those graduates are more likely to have an “in”.

If your ultimate goal is to work as a chef in New York City, it is in your best interest to attend cooking classes in New York City .



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