Culinary Arts - The First Steps

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Why do I have to spend time learning about food safety and knife skills; isn't that obvious?

Culinary Arts - The First Steps

As much as you want to head right to the kitchen, there are a few basics you first have to learn in cooking school. As a new culinary arts student, you might be anxious to start cooking, but it's important to learn the foundations of the curriculum so that you'll be prepared to eventually get into the more advanced cooking techniques. The introductory skills you'll learn as a culinary arts student are your initial building blocks. Flavor doesn't come to a meal when you cook it first and add the stock later. It's the stocks and sauces; crèmes and pates, that should come first in the culinary arts education.

Now, stop and have a look around the kitchen you'll be working in for the next several months. Pretty big knives! Do you know how to use them safely and efficiently? If you don't want your first day in the kitchen to look like a Saturday Night Live skit, pay attention to the safety training aspect of the curriculum. Personal safety and safe food handling should be taken as seriously as any other part of your culinary arts education.

As a new culinary arts student, you're going to bursting with energy and anticipation. Just remember, these building block foundations in your curriculum are going to follow you throughout your entire career.



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