Culinary Clubs – No Secret Password Required

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What sort of extra-curricular activities does The French Culinary Institute offer?

Culinary Clubs – No Secret Password Required

The best culinary school you can attend is the one that offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities. These activities should be designed to promote student success. They should bond students while introducing them to new ideas and concepts related to their field of study.

The French Culinary Institute is one of these schools. Students have the option of joining any number of clubs including the following:

The Forager Club: This club makes a point of going out on the hunt for great food choices in NYC. From edible wild growing plants to organic greens, The Forager Club doesn't discriminate. They travel far and wide, including farm tours in New York State .

The Wine Club: Who wouldn't want to join The Wine Club? Members benefit from guest lecturers and visiting sommeliers. Imagine being able to write “wine tasting” on your resume as a marketable skill. This club really gets the inside scoop on what it means to pair food and wine which is extremely helpful in the culinary industry.

The Supper Club: With this club, students have an opportunity to visit top restaurants, many run by alumni of The French Culinary Institute. Through this club, students really get an insider's view behind the scenes of restaurant management.

The International Club: Students who attend the French Culinary Institute come from all over the world. This unique club gives those students a chance to connect while sharing their diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Professors of the French Culinary Institute understand that learning is much more than just what you find in a textbook. Students are encouraged to round out their days by viewing sporting events, having a look at the fashion scene, seeing a Broadway show, shopping, and (of course) visiting Little Italy, Chinatown , art galleries, museums.



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