Looking For Career Advice

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Where's the best place to seek career advice?

Looking For Career Advice

There are many ways to find out information on career choices. If you're a high school student just opening your eyes to career possibilities, don't overlook the following career advice avenues:

  • Parents. Believe it or not, your parents are an invaluable source of information on career choices. They know you better than you know yourself, so let them help you. Ask them what they think your strengths are and where they see you working five years from now. Once the cheap jokes are out of the way, the conversation should settle into something meaningful and worthwhile.
  • Career Counselors. Let's say you've always wanted to be a chef and you're 95% positive that's what you want to do. See a career counselor anyway. That person will be able to ask the kinds of probing questions to help you finalize your college decision. The counselor may suggest you take a few continuing education cooking classes in order to gain that other 5% to help you make your career choice.
  • Take a look at job trends on national job banks to see what kinds of career opportunities there are. Chef jobs are on the rise, and you might be surprised to discover an interest in certain culinary specialties.
  • Cooking classes are a great way to meet new people, ask lots of questions, and talk to the industry professionals. If you're thinking of becoming a chef, take a few cooking classes to test the waters.
There are many career services for young students about to embark on the next phase of their education. Keep an open mind and seek input from a variety of people and places to help form your decision.



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