Career Change Conversations

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Why do some people seem so actively disengaged from their jobs?

Career Change Conversations

Employees are sometimes let go from their positions because they appear to be apathetic. Maybe (even after repeated discussions with management) they fail to perform according to the company's expectations. It's important to realize that it doesn't mean the person is a failure. They're probably actively disengaged from their jobs because they're not working to their strengths.

If someone would rather be taking cooking classes than escorting tourists through historic properties, that person isn't going to make a very good guide. The problem is, these people don't often recognize what the problem is. All they know is they feel unhappy and discontented. It sometimes takes a real eye-opener, like being fired, to come to terms with the career change they so desperately need.

If you recognize those qualities in someone close to you, don't be afraid to suggest a career change. Sometimes, pursuing career alternatives takes a gentle push from someone who has our best interests at heart. Having a heart-to-heart with that person might be the thing that saves his or her confidence. Don't wait until the person is fired before speaking up. They may not jump all over the idea of a career change at first, but it will at least open the door to possibility.



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