Italian Food - More Than Just Pasta

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How can I convince my partner that there's more to Italian food than just pasta?

Italian Food - More Than Just Pasta

How many times have you heard someone turn down an idea to visit an Italian restaurant because they “don't like pasta”? Obviously, they haven't had truly authentic Italian cuisine because if they did, they'd realize there is so much more to Italian recipes than lasagna.

Your meat loving “steak and potatoes” guy could easily find something to eat from the menu. There's chicken, veal, beef, and pork to choose from, among other things. Ordering a side dish of pasta isn't necessary either. It might take some convincing, but try to convince your partner that there's a whole world of Italian food options waiting for him to try.

Once he sinks his chops into those tender, perfectly seasoned cuts of beef or poultry there'll be no turning back. Roles will reverse. Suddenly you'll be begging off Italian food and your partner will be making restaurant reservations two or three times a week.

Maybe it's best to approach Italian cuisine with caution. Once your partner catches on to the varied tastes involved (beyond Italian pasta) you'll have to take Italian cooking classes so that you can make these dishes at home.



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