French Cuisine With French Fries

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Are french fries considered quality French cuisine?

French Cuisine With French Fries

If you've never thought of French Fries as fine French culinary cuisine, think again. French fries don't have to be the kind you buy in a plastic bag. There are any number of ways to make homemade French fries including chopping or slicing your own potatoes. The only time it'll matter if the cut is uniform or not would be if you were a student of the French Culinary Institute, or working in an upscale restaurant. If you're making them for home, don't worry about making sure each fry is three inches long by two inches wide.

By making your own French fries you can avoid a lot of unnecessary additives and preservatives. They're nutritious, delicious, and make a nice change from traditionally cooked potatoes or rice.

Simply chop and/or slice the amount required, grease a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray, and spread out the chopped and sliced potatoes. For added flavour, sprinkle the tops of the French Fries with a few spices, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper. The amount of time required to cook will depend on the amount of food being cooked and the thickness of each fry. Try adding a dash of curry to your fries, or dry wasabi powder, or cajun seasoning for some spice!

Making your own homemade French Fries might not be rocket science, but it can really add to your overall French menu.



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