The Italian Restaurant Experience

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How can I find work as a chef in an Italian restaurant?

The Italian Restaurant Experience

Interested in working in an Italian restaurant? There's something incredibly seductive about Italian food. The ambiance and energy in an Italian restaurant beckons people back. Of course, there are those restaurants that call themselves Italian, and those restaurants that really are Italian. Chances are, if you're thinking about a career in an Italian restaurant, you're not thinking about flipping pizza dough in a fast food joint. You probably want to work in a high class establishment where patrons dress up for dinner, where meals are served with fine china and crystal.

If you're a full-time student of The French Culinary Institute's sister college, The Italian Culinary Academy, you'll get about 360 hours of experience working in a top Italian restaurant…in Italy ! Both The French Culinary Institute and The Italian Culinary Academy believe in totally immersing students into the learning experience. As a result, students are quickly introduced to the finest restaurants, the best chefs in the world, and the cultural experience to enrich the whole learning experience.

If you're interested in everything Italian, including the food and culture, consider registering as a student with The Italian Culinary Academy. Graduating from a top cooking school is the best way to find your niche in an Italian restaurant.



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