The Business Side of a Culinary Career

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Do I really need business skills even if I don't plan to work in restaurant management?

The Business Side of a Culinary Career

Not every graduate of culinary art school goes on to restaurant management. Not everyone owns a restaurant empire either. As you work your way through college, you'll soon find your groove. You'll settle into your cooking strengths and those strengths are what should mold your career choices. For example, maybe your thing is catering. You don't have to own a restaurant to do that. All you need is an inspected and approved kitchen and, of course, clients.

Running a catering business isn't a one man show. You'll need to hire and pay staff, order restaurant supplies, keep a tight schedule, manage your revenue and expenses, etc. Wait a minute! Maybe it is a lot like restaurant management. The key is doing what you love. In your own restaurant, you create the menu and recipes. When you're running a catering business, the client pretty much dictates the menu. Of course, you can create a menu roster that clients can choose from.

The point is, as a graduate of culinary school, you have career options that don't always have to result in restaurant management. However, having a few business courses under your belt will help tremendously. No matter what culinary career you get into, those business skills will be invaluable.



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