Showing Off Your Culinary Skills

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Once I take some french cooking night classes, will I be able to serve my friends a French meal?

Showing Off Your Culinary Skills

If you're interested in picking up a few tips and tricks about fine cooking, consider taking amateur cooking classes at the French Culinary Institute in New York City. Pick and choose your courses just as you would pick ingredients for a gourmet menu. For example, you could take the wine and food pairings course. You do want to be the envy of all your friends don't you? After this course, you'll be able to decode wine labels, pair the perfect wine with a lovely meal, and even be able to use the most appropriate glassware in style.

Besides a fine wine, nothing adds more authenticity to a fine meal than great bread. Again, you can take an amateur cooking class through FCI to learn how to make mouth-watering baguettes, sourdoughs, and country bread. In just a 12-hour course, you'll learn how to mix, shape, proof, and score your buns off (literally!).

The only thing you need to round off your amateur education now is a night course in basic culinary techniques. Once you can mix up broths, soups, creamy gravies, and pate, you'll be able to put the “French culinary techniques” into practically any food dish. There's some spice and seasoning secrets you'll learn in these classes as well. In fact, everything you learn (whether you're a part-time student or a full-time student) could potentially turn you into the biggest show-off in your neighborhood!



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