Wine and Food Pairing Tips

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What wine goes best with Mild Cheddar Cheese?

Wine Pairing with Cheese

One of the courses taught at wine school is how to pair wine with cheese. Here are some tips about wine and food pairing when it comes to cheese:

Chardonnay goes well with Mild Cheddar Cheese

Cabernet goes well with Sharp Cheddar Cheese

White Zinfandel with Cream Cheese

Riesling with Monterey Jack Cheese

Paul Cheneau with Regiano Parmesan

Check with any wine school for a wine and food pairing course. A wine and food pairing course will teach you much more about which wines go best with what foods.

What is wine tasting?

Wine Tasting at Wine Schools

Imagine you are at wine school. One of the classes you may learn about is wine tasting. What is wine tasting? How can a wine school teach you how to taste?
Most of us need guidance on basic wine descriptions, identifying our likes and dislikes, and recognizing the different characteristics when discussing wines from various regions. The art of how to taste wine and pair it with foods is really a great way to enhance any meal.

Your taste buds on your tongue only taste four things, bitterness, sweet, sour and salty flavors. It is the smell of food that actually brings out a lot of the "flavors" for us. Our sense of smell offers up over 200 recognizable scents. The right combinations of smells and flavors are really what we want from our food. The same food could be sweet but if it smells like salty we may proclaim it is a salty food. With wine school, you are taught how to really taste your wine and your food in combination.

What if I don't like the same wines my wine school teacher suggests?

Different Tastes, Different Wines

Do you order red wine to pair with red meat and sweet wine to pair with dessert? While wine schools all over the world are available to you to help you become aware of wine tasting and wine and food pairing, you may be in for a surprise. No matter what the wine schools teach you, you should always follow your own wine taste buds.
Wine schools help you explore, give you the knowledge and vocabulary to talk about likes and dislikes of wines, and open you up to pairing. Forget trying to take in all the 'rules' about wine tasting. Simply enjoy a great meal and the wine you like best with it.

Which wine school is right for the amateur chef?

Why Wine School?

Why should we have wine schools? Sources say that for California wine sales alone amounted to over 400 million gallons of wine sold to the U.S. That equals to an over $16 billion dollar price tag. Wine is a delicious accompaniment to any meal and thus why we have so many different varieties of wine.
Wine and food pairing is almost an art form. This is why there are wine schools available to help you figure out which food is best with which wine. Most people learn that white wine is best for light dishes and red wine is best for the more rich and heavy cuisines. Even in these categories, it may be confusing which red or white wine is best for which meal. Wine school provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about wine and food pairing.

How long does a course at a wine school take?

Wine School Benefits

Depending on your career of choice, going to a wine school to help define the proper wine and food pairing choices may benefit you. A few classes or even an entire year in learning about wine and how to pick the proper one for any meal makes for a great education whether you are becoming the best cuisine chef or you just want to impress your friends with your knowledge.

Most culinary institutes offer wine school classes that both professional and amateur chefs can take. Prices may vary depending on your goals for achievement. Most amateur wine classes may take as little as five weeks and seminars are available for those looking for just the basics.

What wine is best for a pepperoni pizza?

Wine and Pizza?

Did you know that at wine school, you are taught how to distinguish the right wine for any meal, including pizza? That is the magic of wine and food pairing. While most people do not think of wine and pizza together, it is really a great combination. Wine may go with any type of food available. It really distinguishes the flavors and makes the meal more enjoyable.

So is it red wine or white wine? At wine school, you'll learn that simply choosing a red wine or white wine is not going far enough when trying to decipher wine and food pairings like wine and pizza. You'll be able to decipher the acids in each wine, how sweet or bitter the wine is. Wouldn't a dry wine work better with a pizza with lighter toppings? Try an experiment with different wines and different pizzas. You may surprise yourself with your own wine and food pairing choices.

What will a course on the fundamentals of wine teach me?

Take a Course on the Fundamentals of Wine

Find a wine school that offers a course on the fundamentals of wine. It is essential that you know the fundamentals of wine if you're going to work in the restaurant or hospitality business. The best way to learn is through a course at any wine school; some culinary schools and culinary art institutes feature wine courses.

The fundamentals of a wine course will teach you how to taste wine, identify flavors, read labels, food pairing, the basics of beverage cost, storage and inventory, handling and preserving and much more. Check with your local culinary art institute for more information.

Should I cook with wine?

Cooking with Wine

Cooking with wine is useful in so many ways. Not only does it add flavor and style to any recipe, it also quenches the chef's thirst. A professional chef working in a restaurant might use the amount of wine required, cork the rest, and put it away for later use. The amateur chef working from his or her own kitchen might just guzzle down whatever's left in the bottle. A quarter cup of wine in the stock, the rest of the wine down the throat.

Whether you're a professional chef or an amateur starring in your own kitchen, it's a good idea to keep all of the basic necessities of cooking on hand. Not only should you have the kitchen staples necessary to create stocks, soups, broths, and main meals, you should also keep a couple bottles of Italian wine around. Wine school students keep a variety of bottles on hand in order to quickly pair them up with certain foods.

Many recipes specify wine as one of the key ingredients, with directions to substitute juice if desired. Nothing brings out a richer flavor than wine, so it's best to use what the recipe calls for whenever possible. Many liquor stores sell tiny bottles of sample wine that you could use to keep in your cupboard as cooking staples. Otherwise, once you open a bottle of wine, it's going to be your responsibility to either drink it or ensure that it doesn't go flat.

How can I find out what food to pair with what wine at the last minute?

Last Minute Help with Wine Pairing

Wouldn't it be great if you could confidently order from a restaurant's wine menu, knowing full well how to go about wine pairing? For the uninitiated, it seems like such a mystery. You don't need a university degree to learn about the nuances of complementary powers of food and wine, but you could always take a night course to help you out.

Taking continuing education workshops related to wine pairing is a great idea if you're just moving into your own place for the first time and plan to host a lot of parties. It's also a great idea if you're a world traveler, or even if you just take a nice yearly vacation. Where ever you go, you'll feel more confident when ordering wine and you'll be more likely to try something new. There's no need to stick with the same old bottle of Merlot when you know what you're looking for. To some people, there are two types of wine: red and white. To others, there's a whole world of international flavors and nuances: crisp, fruity, sparkling, etc.

If you happen to have an event coming up really soon and there's no time to take a night course or a wine pairing workshop, have a look around the liquor store and/or ask for help. Many liquor stores post suggestions on wine pairings that make it a little easier to pick and choose.

What should I add to a wine gift basket?

Creating a Unique Wine Gift Basket

Wine gift baskets make great gifts because there's so much you can do with them. As long as the recipient actually likes wine, there won't be any complaints. They make great gifts for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, or “just because” moments among friends. The bigger the basket, the more you'll have to put into it, and the more expensive it's going to be.

Once you've snuggled a couple bottles of Merlot or Shiraz into the basket, the real fun begins: adding the goodies. Think about the recipient and what he or she (or both) would like. Be aware of any food allergies they might have. The last thing you want to do is make the recipient of the wine gift basket sick! Talk about a huge faux-pas. Barring any major food allergies or strong dislikes, here are some ideas for wine gift basket fillers:

  • wine decanter
  • a list of great wine and food pairings that the recipient can use
  • cheese & crackers
  • wine glasses
  • linen napkins
  • gourmet peanuts
  • dark chocolate
  • dipped biscotti
  • pretzels
  • olive
This is just a small sample of the many things you can add to that great wine gift basket. Your friends are going to love it!

What wine is best with spicy food?

Pare Spicy Food With The Right Wine

It’s a good idea to match spicy food like a curry with a strong full-bodied wine. Wine shouldn’t overpower the food but it should be strong enough for it. A good paring is red Cabernet Merlot with any of your spicy dishes like a Thai coconut chicken curry or a Moroccan lamb dish.

How much does it cost to attend a wine school?

Wine School Tuition

Some of the great cooking schools in New York or other places in the U.S. offers wine school classes for professional chefs or for amateurs wishing to impress their friends with wine and food pairings. You may learn about wine tasting and how to pick out the right wine for your meal depending on your tastes.
Wine and food parings can be complicated sometimes but they do not have to be. Wine school tuition is affordable for anyone who would like to take the class. Some of the more complicated, yet thorough, classes may cost under $1000 for a complete 12-hour course. Wine schools may also offer seminars that will teach the basics of wine and food pairing, wine tasting and much more.

What sort of wine is good for foods with acids like tomato?

Opposites Attract

A wine school teaches how different wine and food pairing choices will affect the taste of each other. You may be surprised at how to taste for opposites to get the best out of both flavors. Wine school classes not only teach how to taste wine properly but also how to taste food to figure out the best wine and food pairing combinations.

For example, in a wine and food pairing combination take something with a high acid flavor to it, like pasta with tomato sauce. Tomato has a naturally acid taste to it. If you combined it with a wine that has additional heavy acid flavors, you may find both the tomato sauce and the wine both taste horrible when taken at the same time. It may not be the wine or the food that tastes bad, it is the combination. This is why it is so important to learn about wine and food pairings at a wine school.

What will I learn by attending wine school?

Wine School: Pairing Wine with Food

A wine school offers courses that teach you how to pair wines with food. Some of what you may learn is: how to describe wines, how to read a wine menu, and what wines go best with specific foods.

Wine school courses teach about wine and food pairing by teaching you how to taste the wine. Part of the wine school program includes actually tasting different wines with different foods like meats and cheeses, desserts and exotic flavors. Most culinary art schools have a wine school or wine tasting seminars available.

What wine is best with spicy food?

Pare Spicy Food With The Right Wine

It's a good idea to match spicy food like a curry with a strong full-bodied wine. Wine shouldn't overpower the food but it should be strong enough for it. A good paring is red Cabernet Merlot with any of your spicy dishes like a Thai coconut chicken curry or a Moroccan lamb dish.

What wine is best with spicy food?

Pare Spicy Food With The Right Wine

It's a good idea to match spicy food like a curry with a strong full-bodied wine. Wine shouldn't overpower the food but it should be strong enough for it. A good paring is red Cabernet Merlot with any of your spicy dishes like a Thai coconut chicken curry or a Moroccan lamb dish.

Where can I find a wine tasting tour?

Wine Tasting Tours

Don't just go on vacation next year, go on a wine-themed vacation to Italy! You could even stay in the United States traveling to some of the best wineries in the country. There are entire books written on where to find them, what to look for, who to contact to arrange a tour, etc. Check your local bookstore in the travel section and you'll be sure to come up with a variety of books related to wineries.

Niagara Falls offers tours through their grape vineyards. If you've promised a loved one that you'd bring a wine gift back for them, you'll have plenty of opportunity to shop in one of the local wine boutiques. Of course, you'll be left to describe (as best you can) the delicious food and wine tasting opportunities that come with winery tour packages like this.

Many wine tours are open to the public and take participants to some of the best wine shops in the world. These tours give people a great chance to see the city, while indulging in great food and wine. For students, the benefit is in having connected with other students, had a chance to experience some of the city life, and learned more about what it is to be involved in wine tasting.

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