French Desserts

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What makes bakeries so irresistable?

French Desserts

Walking past a bakery window without stopping to look inside is about the equivalent of trying to sneak past a shoe store without stopping in “just to look”. You can try to walk by, but that top row of vanilla cupcakes with creamy pink frosting will settle itself into your peripheral vision. Not even a robot could resist the internal command to stop, turn around, go back, and purchase.

Walk inside the bakery and you're toast! If you're one of the millions of people with a serious sweet tooth, the sights and smells of that bakery are going to leave you salivating all over the floor. Just think, if the general public has that kind of reaction in a bakery, maybe you should become a pastry chef. Let's face it, French desserts and pastry sells.

If you already have a work history in the food, travel, or hotel industry, all you might require are some evening courses in French cooking and pastry making to help get you started.

To make your own bakery of French desserts, think about what it is that makes a bakery such a pleasant place and experience for you. Is it the smells? The colors? The sweet treats beckoning from behind a glass counter? Envision your ideals for a French desserts bakery and then go make it a reality.



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