How to Become a Food Critic

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Can you recommend any courses on how to become a food critic?

How to Become a Food Critic

Many see a food critic as a way to eat and get paid, but it's not that simple. Would you like to know how to become a food critic? Here are a few tips that will tell you how you can become a food critic.

1. Learn how to evaluate all features of the restaurant -- service, food, atmosphere, etc. Take a class in restaurant reviews, and check out your local bookstore for reading materials.
2. Find out how to combine your knowledge of the food and restaurant business to make it informative and compelling. Talk with someone in the industry who can share their insights on being a food critic.
3. Take a course in culinary arts, food writing and journalism.
4. Keep a journal for all your restaurant visits.
5. Learn how to taste wines.
6. Be ready to give a bad review if the restaurant's food, service and/or etc. are not pleasing to you.
7. Begin marketing yourself with your local newspapers and other publications.
8. Keep abreast of the new trends in the food and restaurant industry.



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