Restaurant Management - Customer Service Tips

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Can you offer any customer service tips to help me in restaurant management?

Restaurant Management - Customer Service Tips

In the restaurant management business, making sure your customers are happy is just one of your many job duties. Here are a few customer service tips to help you in restaurant management:
• Listen to your customers and correct the problem.
• Ask your customers for suggestions by placing a suggestion box. But don't stop there, do your best to meet your customers' needs by filling those suggestions. For example, if they ask for a menu with some low carb foods, try to add those new food items to the menu.
• Be polite with your customers.
• Don't be afraid to give something away for free. For example, if the customer's steak was not cooked to their satisfaction, have the chef or cook prepare another steak, and when the correctly cook steak is delivered to the unsatisfied customer, and give that customer a card for a free dinner the next time they come in. Make sure to apologize for situation as well.



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