Preparing for Chef School

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Going back to chef school seems overwhelming. What should I do first?

Preparing for Chef School

Before you can even begin to study at a prestigious chef school, you have to take care of business. That means finding a place to live (if relocation is necessary), securing the funds to pay for tuition, rallying support from family or friends, completing the application process and preparing supporting documents like your resume, essay requirements, medical documentation, transcripts.

Sometimes the process seems overwhelming for a prospective student, especially for mature students who may already have families of their own to consider and full-time jobs to maintain. Rather than lump everything into one big “to do” list, it's important for the prospective student to take it step-by-step. Anxiety will creep into the picture every now and then, but having a clear plan ahead of you will make the process that much easier.

Thinking of going to chef school? Want to learn how to become a chef? You can do it! Just follow these steps to get you started:

1) Research the best culinary schools to determine where you want to attend.

2) Talk to your family and friends about your plans. Be realistic about sacrifices that may have to be made while you get the education that's going to change life for you and your family.

3) Consider applying for scholarships or obtaining student loans for financial aid.

4) Will you be able to commute or do you have to relocate? Talk to the chef school's registrar about accommodations, cost, scholarships, etc.

5) Once you've built some confidence in your choice to attend chef school, complete the admission requirements and submit your application. Once you've been accepted into the program of your choice, you can start applying for scholarships.

It's back-to-school time! Prepare yourself mentally for an adventure that's going to drive your passion for learning and your ability to finally work in the career of your dreams.



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