Developing Your Portfolio as a Food Critic

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How can I get the food industry to take me seriously as a food critic?

Developing Your Portfolio as a Food Critic

The key to becoming a food critic is having experience in the food industry. You'll need creative writing skills, a keen eye for quality foods, and the credentials to back up your recommendations. Those skills aren't developed overnight, but you have to start somewhere. If you're interested in learning how to become a food critic, you first have to draw on your educational and employment history. Are you a recent graduate of cooking school? If so, the more prestigious the school, the better your chances of securing work as a food critic. Like it or not, you need to have the power of prestigious names backing you up in order to be initially taken seriously.

Building a list of credentials and references is the perfect way to build your portfolio. In order to sell yourself as a food critic, those professional affiliations are going to speak volumes, positioning you as a valued, respected food critic. As your portfolio grows, so will your employment opportunities. Eventually, people will be using your name on their portfolio. Becoming a food critic, like anything else, takes a gradual climb to the top through experience and education.



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