Your Career as a Food Critic

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Food writing gigs seem to be falling into my lap, how do I turn that into a full time career?

Your Career as a Food Critic

Sometimes you can just see you're life or career headed in a certain direction. Maybe you've been working in the food industry for a while, creating food recipes for your own restaurant, making appearances or contributing to food TV, etc. One thing leads to another and you find yourself getting requests to write reviews of restaurants. It could even be a tourism representative seeking your opinion on best places to eat in town for a publication of theirs.

All of these things and more can unfold for the professional chef. As it does, pay attention. Do you like this new side to your career? You may want to consider becoming a food critic! Some people consciously work at becoming a food critic where others seem to have it fall into their laps by osmosis. If the latter is happening to you, take a step back and evaluate how you feel about it. Not everyone is a writer, and that's okay! Or it could be that you enjoy offering your feedback, but just aren't sure how to articulate the words into something exciting, flavorful, and enticing. That's easy to fix.

There are lots of creative writing classes available for people interested in punching up their prose. If you're really keen on learning how to become a food critic, you could always take a food writing course. Rather than the more general creative writing courses, a food writing course will focus on the specifics of the business. The power of words and your future is in your hands…literally!



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