Getting Motivated for Bread Baking

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What's the biggest motivator for wanting to learn how to bake bread?

Getting Motivated for Bread Baking

If the most action your kitchen has seen lately is a big ball of tumbleweed rolling across the floor, it's time to reclaim your space. Don't be scared, those big things along the wall are appliances and if you open the cupboards, you might even find the basic ingredients required to bake your own bread.

One of the biggest motivators for wanting to create sweet, sticky, pastries and breads is an upcoming holiday or social gathering. You could hire a caterer, or you could take a course and learn to bake your own breads and pastries. Why not take it a step further and enroll in enough cooking courses to start your own catering business?

Even if the prospect of running your own catering business is a little over the top for the time being, the thrill of serving your friends bread from your own oven is worth the cost of an amateur cooking class. If you're taking a course in preparation for an upcoming event (wedding, anniversary, milestone birthday party, Christmas, etc.) that you happen to be hosting, keep in mind the type of bread you want to make. Even though you're bound by the curriculum being used by the school, keep in mind the type of specialized bread you want to make. That way, you'll be ready to ask specific questions and take lots of notes. The basic skills you learn in class should be enough to get you on your way.



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