Compliments to the Chef

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Is it appropriate to thank and compliment the chef?

Compliments to the Chef

Are you known in your family as the one who “knows how to cook”? It's a great feeling to sit down with family and friends, serve a full meal and enjoy the compliments that follow. It's great to feel valued for your strengths and accomplishments. The next time you're in a restaurant and you've devoured what you think might be the best meal of your life, make sure to compliment the chef.

The wait staff should be tipped, as is customary. But people sometimes forget about the person who actually created the menu, carefully chose the ingredients, and oversaw the entire process from start to finish. The question is, how do you actually compliment the chef? You could leave an extra tip for the chef, but that can come across as tacky in a high end restaurant. If you've haven't met the chef, asked your waiter or waitress (or the hostess) to introduce you. Yes, he or she is probably very busy, but they've always got time to accept a fine compliment from a customer.

On the other hand, if you've met the chef before, you could pop your head in the kitchen and give him or her the thumbs-up, or indirectly thank the chef by referring all of your friends and family to the restaurant.



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