The Italian Finger Food Game

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What's the Italian Finger Food game?

The Italian Finger Food Game

Have you ever hosted a Finger Food party? It's not what you think. This is the kind of party that only works when your friends know nothing about it. Of course you have to invite them to supper, but that's all they need to know. What you do is create a menu of Italian foods written either in Italian (if your friends and family don't know the language) or in a made-up language that makes sense only to you. Seat your guests and distribute the menu to them. Okay, at this point they're going to know something's up, but hopefully they'll be willing to play along. At this party, nobody gets any utensils. No utensils! As the guests order from the menu (that they can't read!) bring them their food choices and watch them go at it with their fingers. It's hilarious, but not recommended for stern anti-social types, like your crotchety mother-in-law.

The guests who chose Italian appetizers as their meal will probably be thankful they don't have to scoop up Italian pasta with their bare hands! Make sure to give your guests bibs and napkins before serving the meal. Things are going to get messy and you don't want your guests ruining their clothes.



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