Finding Restaurant Jobs through Alternative Means

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What other way is there of finding a restaurant job?

Finding Restaurant Jobs through Alternative Means

How about an alternative way of finding restaurant jobs? Instead of going straight to the want ads, or the employment classifieds, why not go to the source? Pick up as many restaurant guides as you can and start flipping through the pages. Look for new restaurants that may be looking for qualified chefs. Position yourself for a career in a high end restaurant by browsing through the Zagat Survey. This survey is intended to provide reliable reviews and ratings off all the top restaurants in the world! You won't find any fast food burger joints here.

Once you've narrowed down a few restaurant choices, try to get out and visit the establishment. Have a meal or two. Pay attention to the atmosphere. Who are the restaurant's patrons? Are they mostly families, single professionals, young or mature? What about the pace? Take a look around and pay attention to the staff. Are they ultra-serious or does it appear they enjoy what they do? All of these things are indicators you should use as a gauge. You'll know if it's a place you'd like to work or not simply by immersing yourself in the atmosphere. If it's not your atmosphere, move on. On the other hand, if you're immediately intrigued, introduce yourself, put forward your resume and portfolio, and let it be known that you're in the market for a restaurant job.



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